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Troop Leadership Training

     This course is taught on the Troop level, usually within a week or so after Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leader elections.  Organized by the Scoutmaster, this is where the newly elected Patrol Leader’s Council develops its goals and objectives for their term as the Troop’s Leaders.  Check with your Scoutmaster for more specific information.

    A district level course directed and taught by older Scouts for the purposes of modeling a boy-run campout and teaching camping skills. 

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

    An intense, 5½ day, outdoor leadership training experience for troop youth leaders. Its principle function is to help Scoutmasters by training their top boy leaders in the skills of leadership. This course is a National BSA-developed course that closely parallels the material provided in the 21st Century Wood Badge training for adults.  This course is offered by the Circle Ten Council. 

National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)

    This course is the ultimate in Leadership Training.  It is run by youth, hand-picked from across the country representing some of our future’s most outstanding leaders.  Any Scout interested in staffing an NYLT course or aspiring to be his troop’s SPL should consider attending NAYLE.  This course is offered by the National BSA Council. 

Den Chief Training

     The Den Chief is a critical member of the Scouting Leadership Team. Den Chief Training is intended to build enthusiasm for the job and teach the skills the Den Chief will need to be successful. This training combines fun and enjoyment with an excellent character building experience. Participants will learn leadership, organization, how to work with adults to solve problems, and, most importantly, how to encourage and work with Cub Scouts while being a role model. 

Adult Training   -

Scoutmasters Minute on Leadership

Baden Powell, the founder of Scouting said "Train 'em, Trust 'em, and Let 'em Lead!"  I have been thinking about what exactly that means...

Train 'em

My first reaction to this is that we do this already.  Every time we have elections, and pick new leaders, we hold what we call Introduction to Leadership Skills.  This is typically done in a classroom setting for all newly elected Leaders.  We also train them in Scout skills and by reflecting on our activities - thinking about what works and what can be improved.  This gives us the opportunity to teach leadership skills but also to teach the application of those skills.

Trust 'em

Trust is defined as 1) a reliance on integrity, or ability of a person or 2) a confident expectation.  To me, this means that we are relying on the HONOR of our Scouts AND on the training that we have given them.  Therefore, since our Scouts have integrity and because we have trained them with the skills and knowledge necessary, there isn't any reason for us to hover over our Scouts or watch them out of the corner of our eyes. 

Let 'em lead

This is probably the most difficult piece to implement but it also probably the most important.  It is the most difficult because adults want to be helpful, so they offer guidance or jump in when they see something that needs to be done.  However, unwarranted guidance or interference DISCOURAGES leadership because our "leaders" then do not feel as if they are really leaders.  It is also hard for us, as adults, to stand by and watch our kids make mistakes, but this is how they learn!  Our job is to encourage them to try again and help them learn from their mistakes.  Then, when our leaders are successful, to praise them.  

To paraphrase Baden Powell, the only way to get real results from using the patrol method is by giving our leaders real, free handed responsibility and of course, the patrol method isn't a method of running a Boy Scout Troop, it's the ONLY way! 


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What Is Troop Leadership Training.pdf  

Wood Badge


Reflecting the best of nearly a century of Scouting experience, the course draws upon the most current leadership models used by corporate America, academic circles, and successful outdoor organizations throughout the country. It builds on the best traditions and experiences of Wood Badge and also draws from a wide range of sources within and beyond the bounds of Scouting to present the latest in leadership theory and team development.
Upcoming Wood Badge Courses

Wood Badge 108 staffers are working hard to prepare for this course, being held at Camp Wisdom / Billy Sowell Scout Camp, January 24-26, 2014 (weekend 1) and February 14-16, 2014 (weekend 2). You don't want to miss this training opportunity! Please click here to visit our WB108 course page.


Cyber Chip Requirements for Grades 6-8

  1. Read and sign the Level II Internet Safety Pledge from NetSmartz. (BSA Cyber Chip green card)
  2. Write and sign a personalized contract with your parent or guardian that outlines rules for using the computer and mobile devices, including what you can download, what you can post, and consequences for inappropriate use.
  3. Watch the video "Friend or Fake?", along with two additional videos of your choosing, to see how friends can help each other to stay safe online. (
  4. As an individual or with your patrol, use the EDGE method and mini lessons to teach Internet safety rules, behavior, and "netiquette" to your troop or another patrol. You are encouraged to use any additional material and information you have researched. Each member of the patrol must have a role and present part of the lesson. (
  5. Discuss with your unit leader the acceptable standards and practices for using allowed electronic devices, such as phones and games, at your meetings and other Scouting events.


Cyber Chip Requirements for Grades 9-12

  1. Read and sign the Level II Internet Safety Pledge. (BSA Cyber Chip green card)
  2. Write and sign a personalized contract with your parent or guardian that outlines rules for using the computer and mobile devices, including what you can download, what you can post, and consequences for inappropriate use.
  3. Discuss with your parents the benefits and potential dangers teenagers might experience when using social media. Give examples of each.
  4. Watch three "Real-Life Story" videos to learn the impact on teens. (
  5. As an individual or patrol, use the EDGE method and the Teen Volunteer Kit to teach Internet safety rules, behavior, and "netiquette" to your troop or another patrol. You are encouraged to use any additional material and information you have researched. Each member of the patrol must have a role and present part of the lesson. (
  6. Discuss with your unit leader the acceptable standards and practices for using allowed electronic devices such as phones and games at your meetings and other Scouting events.

Note: All Cyber Chips will expire annually. Each Scout will need to "recharge" the chip by going back to the NetSmartz Recharge area. This space will hold new information, news, and a place for the Scout to recommit to net safety and netiquette. Then, with the unit leader, the Scout can add the new date to the Cyber Chip card or certificate.

Level II Internet Safety Pledge (for Boy Scouts

  1. I will think before I post
  2. I will respect other people online
  3. I will respect digital media ownership
  4. I won't meet face-to-face with anyone I meet in the digital world unless I have my parent's permission
  5. I will protect myself online.



50 Miler Award

50 Miler Patch

The primary objective of this program is to stimulate Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, and Venturer interest in the ideals of the movement and to promote activity that will result in personal fitness, self-reliance, knowledge of wood lore, and a practical understanding of conservation.

Chartered unit participation is most desirable; however, provisional groups are eligible. This award does not apply if any other is available for a trip.

The Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or Venturing unit or provisional group must follow these rules for a 50-Miler trip:

  • Select a suitable trail or waterway.
  • Adult leaders 21 or older must make the entire trip.

Note the following information we have received from the BSA, in regard to a query as to whether the 50 miles may be done on bikes, or on horseback (particularly since the new version of the patch shows a bike wheel and horseshoe):

According to the camping and conservation service, horse is (and "has always been") an acceptable mode of travel for the fifty-miler award.

There's a note in the publishing files for the award application and requirements book - so that "on horse" and "on bicycle" will be specifically included in descriptions of the fifty-miler requirements in the future. Even without that clarification, since requirement 2 says "without the use of motors", there is nothing in the use of horses or bicycles that contradicts that requirement.

The 50 Miler Award is available as a Cloth or Leather Patch or a Decal. 
It is NOT worn on the Uniform, but may be attached to equipment, jackets, backpacks, patch vests or blankets, etc.

The patch shown at the top of the page is the current version.  The old version, still in widespread use is shown below

Old 50 Miler Patch

The 50-Miler Award is presented to each qualifying individual for satisfactory participation in an approved trip. In order to qualify for the award the group of which the individual is a member must fulfill all of the following requirements.

  1. Make complete and satisfactory plans for the trip, including the possibilities of advancement.
  2. Cover the trail or canoe or boat route of not less than 50 consecutive miles; take a minimum of 5 consecutive days to complete the trip without the aid of motors. (In some areas pack animals may be used.)
  3. During the time on the trail or waterway, complete a minimum of 10 hours each of group work on projects to improve the trail, springs, campsite, portage or area. If after checking with recognized authorities, it is not possible to complete 10 hours each of group work on the trail, a similar project may be done in the unit's home area ( There should be no unauthorized cutting of brush or timber.)
  4. Unit or tour leader must then file a 50-Miler Award application with the local council service center. This application gives additional details about planning the trip.

Merit Badges


Upcoming Merit Badge Class


Welcome to the Merit Badge Network. This site is dedicated to providing scouters  with a common place to find and register for Merit Badge Events.

BSA  National Scouting Museum

Merit Badge List - Requirements & Worksheets

         Merit Badges – Frequently Asked Questions

How many merit badges do I need to earn?

21 merit badges are required for Eagle, 12 are specific "Eagle-required" badges.  Of these, 6 (4 required) will be earned for Star and 5 more will be earned for Life (3 additional required).

How many merit badges are there?
136 merit badges covering a wide range of interests.  Take a look through the merit badge list and find something you will enjoy.  You will be surprised to see how many of the things you do in your daily life, sports, taking care of your dog, working on family projects or reading fulfill merit badge requirements.

Can I work on a merit badge on my own?
Yes! Summer Camp, troop-run programs and Merit Badge University help, but you should work on badges on your own. You should always have one or two badges that you are actively working on and when you finish one, find another on which to start.  You will be surprised how fast that sash fills up!

What is the process?

  •  Review the list of merit badges and badge requirements to select a badge.
  • See the Scoutmaster or Advancement Chairman to obtain a signed “Blue Card”
  • Use the Merit Badge Counselor List to select a counselor. (List in the Troop Library.)
  • Make sure the book is current (check requirements on line)
  • Get a copy of the Merit Badge Book, from the scout store or borrowed from our Library.
  • Contact the counselor and ask them if he or she is willing to work with you.
  • Meet with the counselor to discuss the requirements and completion steps.
  • Meet with your counselor as needed to review your completed requirements.
  • The counselor will sign the blue card indicating his or her approval. 
    Return the completed card to the Scoutmaster or Advancement Chairperson for signature.
  • Receive you merit badge at a future meeting or Court of Honor.

Where do I find the requirements?
For each merit badge there is a merit badge book to guide you through the requirements.  The books are for sale at the Scout Store or you can borrow from another scout or you may be able to borrow one from the Troop Library.  As a quick reference, the Scout Store also sells the Boy Scout Requirement book.  You can also find a wealth of information including the requirements and various help resources at or .

How do I find a counselor?
Many leaders in Troop 195 are counselors and ready to help you.  The list is in the Troop Library.   Once you have a name, you should contact the counselor to make sure that they have time available to assist you.

When do I meet with the counselor?
Each counselor will handle things a little differently.  You may meet a couple times, once at the beginning and once at the end when you are done your work.  In other cases you may meet several times.  You should work this out with your counselor and find a convenient time to meet.

Who attends the meeting with the counselor?
Scouts should never attend a meeting with a counselor without a parent or another adult or a buddy.  Doing so is a violation of Scouting’s Youth Protection Guidelines.  For fun and to satisfy these guidelines, we strongly encourage you to find another scout interested in working on the same badge at the same time.

What is a “Blue Card”?
Before you meet your counselor you must obtain a Blue Card from the Scoutmaster.  It is a three-part card that your counselor will use to record your achievements.  I need to approve that you are ready to work on the badge.  Once you have completed the requirements, the counselor will return two sections of the card to you and you should submit those two sections to the adult advancement coordinator.

How do I wear the merit badges?
Badges will be awarded at scout meetings and Courts of Honor once our advancement chair has received the completed Blue Card.  Badges are displayed on the merit badge sash worn over the right shoulder.

What is an Eagle Palm?
Eagle Palms are awarded for each 5 merit badges you earn beyond the 21 required for Eagle.  You can earn as many as you want.  I have heard that there are scouts who have earned every badge.  Go for it!

What is a “partial”?
Often at summer camp or other group events, you will start a badge with a counselor but then not complete the badge.  They will return the Blue Card to you, signing off on those requirements that are complete.  It is up to you to complete the remaining requirements on your own and find a counselor to review your work.


How do I become a counselor?
Adults with an appropriate interest or skill are encouraged to complete an application (Click 
here for the application; turn it in to the advancement chair) and become registered as a counselor.  It is a wonderful way to share your expertise, have fun with a topic you enjoy and help the scouts and the Troop.  Periodically we will run counselor training and other counselors are always available to give you advice. 

Is there a guide for new counselors?
Yes.  Go to BSA National Council 
Introductory Guide for Merit Badge Counselors 

Can a parent sign off on requirements?
Like other requirements in Scouting, parents are not allowed to sign off on requirements.  Encouragement, supervision and even light coaching is appropriate, depending on the requirements. There will be requirements intended for completion in the home or with family and a parent may be asked to certify that it was indeed completed.  The only exception to this rule is when a parent teaches a class that includes his or her son and only when the son fulfills the requirements in the same manner as others in the class.

Donate Your Old Books!
If you have completed a badge and no longer have use for your book, please consider donating it to Troop 195 so we can build up a sharing library for other scouts to use. 

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Merit Badge Workbooks PDF

You can find the latest badge requirements on line at or along with helpful worksheets, links, etc.  Each badge also has a printed merit badge booklet available at the Council store or we may have a copy in the Troop library.


The following booklets are available in electronic format. Click links to download










Icon File Name Comment  
Archery Merit Badge Pamphlet 35856.pdf Archery  
Architecture_and_Landscape_Architecture.pdf Architecture and Landscape  
Astronomy Merit Badge Pamphlet 35859.pdf Astronomy  
Backpacking Merit Badge Pamphlet 2035863.pdf Backpacking  
Bird Study Merit Badge Pamphlet 35865.pdf Bird Study  
Camping Merit Badge Pamphlet 35866.pdf Camping * Eagle Required  
Canoeing Merit Badge Pamphlet 35867.pdf Canoeing  
Cinematography.pdf Cinematography  
Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge Pamphlet.pdf Citizenship in the Community * Eagle Required  
Climbing Merit Badge Pamphlet 35873.pdf Climbing  
Cooking Merit Badge Pamphlet 35879.pdf Cooking * Eagle Required  
Electricity Merit Badge Pamphlet 35886.pdf Electricity  
Energy Merit Badge Pamphlet 35889.pdf Energy  
Environmental Science Merit Badge Pamphlet 35892.pdf Environmental Science * Eagle Required  
First Aid Merit Badge Pamphlet 35897.pdf First Aid * Eagle Required  
Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge Pamphlet 35898.pdf Fish and Wildlife Management  
Fishing Merit Badge Pamphlet 35899.pdf Fishing  
Forestry Merit Badge Pamphlet 35901.pdf Forestry  
Geology Merit Badge Pamphlet 35904.pdf Geology  
Hiking Merit Badge Pamphlet 35907.pdf Hiking * Eagle Required  
Insect Study Merit Badge Pamphlet 35911.pdf Insect Study  
Inventing Merit Badge Pamphlet.pdf Inventing  
Lifesaving Merit Badge Pamphlet 35915.pdf Lifesaving * Eagle Required  
Mammal Study Merit Badge Pamphlet 35916.pdf Mammal Study  
Motorboating Merit Badge Pamphlet 35920.pdf Motorboating  
Nature Merit Badge Pamphlet 35922.pdf Nature  
Personal_Management_Merit Badge Pamphlet.pdf Personal Management * Eagle Required  
Plant Science Merit Badge Pamphlet 35932.pdf Plant Science  
Reptile and Amphibian Study Merit Badge Pamphlet 35941.pdf Reptile and Amphibian Study  
Rifle Shooting Merit Badge Pamphlet 35942.pdf Rifle Shooting  
Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge Pamphlet 35948.pdf Shotgun  
Small-boat Sailing Merit Badge Pamphlet 35950.pdf Small Boat Sailing  
Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge Pamphlet 35952.pdf Soil and Water Conservation  
Swimming Merit Badge Pamphlet 35957.pdf Swimming * Eagle Required  
Water Sports Merit Badge Pamphlet 35963.pdf Water Sports  
Weather Merit Badge Pamphlet 35964.pdf Weather  
Whitewater Merit Badge Pamphlet 35965.pdf Whitewater  
Wilderness Survival Merit Badge Pamphlet 35966.pdf Wilderness Survival  

Merit Badge PPT


Click on the attach below to view PPT, if it doesn't work click on it and then open with Power Point Viewer

Icon File Name Comment  
Automotive Maintenance MB.pptx  
Aviation MB.ppt  
Backpacking MB.pptx  
Basic Boy Scouts.pptx Not a Merit Badge  
Camping Merit Badge (Eagle).pptx  
Chemistry MB.pptm  
CHESS.pptx Chess  
Citizenship in the Nation.ppt  
Citizenship in the World.ppt Eagle Merit badge  
Coin Collecting MB.pptm  
Cooking.pptx Cooking PPT  
Crime Prevention MB.pptx  
Emergency Preparedness EMB.pptx  
Energy MB.pptx  
Environmental Science EMB.pptx  
Fire Safety MB.pptx  
Forestry MB.pptx  
Hazards.pptx Not a MB - Good useful info  
Indian LoreMB.ppt  
Nuclear Science MB.pptx  
Oceanography MB.pptx  
Orienteering MB.pptx  
Personal Management MB.pptx  
Public Speaking MB.pptx  
Scout Law.pptx Not a MB  
Signs, Signals and Codes Merit Badge.pptx  
Soil and Water Conservation MB.pptx  
Space Exploration MB.pptx  
Sustainability.pptx Eagle Merit Badge  
Traffic Safety MB.pptx  
Troop 195 leadership training.ppt Not a MB  
Truck Transportation MB.pptx  
Weather MB.pptx  
Wilderness Survival.pptx