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Boy Scout Troop 195
(Grand Prairie, Texas)
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Boy Run  -  Boy Led

Icon File Name Comment  
AssistantSeniorPatrolLeader-Job.doc ASPL  
Board of Review.pdf Board of Review  
BSA Health Form.pdf BSA Health Forms - Must do annualy  
camping-activity_roster.pdf Camping Activity Log - Must turn in at check in at Cirle Ten Camps  
camping_weekend_rules_2014.pdf Circle Ten Camp Rules  
Consent Form.pdf Consent form  
crp_trail_map.pdf Cedar Ridge Nature Trails - Trail Map  
Duty Roster.pdf Duty Roster  
Hawaiian Camping Experience 2015.pdf 2015 Hawaii Summer Camp  
Historian-Job.doc Historian Job Duties  
Librarian-Job.doc Librarian Job Duties  
Menu Plan.pdf Menu Plan  
Merit Badge Check Off Sheet.pdf Merit Badge Check Off Sheet  
Patrol Leader-Job.doc Patrol Leader Job Duties  
Quartermaster Camping Check List.pdf Camp Check List  
Quartermaster Patrol Chuck box Inventory.pdf Patrol Chuck Box Inventory  
Quartermaster Troop Inventory.pdf Troop Inventory  
Quartermaster-Job.doc Quartermaster Job Duties  
releasemedform.pdf Release Med Form  
Scribe-Job.doc Scribe Job Duties  
SeniorPatrolLeader-Job.doc Senior Patrol Leader Job Duties  
Troop 195 Buddy - Tent Policy.pdf Buddy & Tent Policy  
Troop 195 Honor Code.pdf Troop 195 Honor Code  
TROOP 195 Progressive Discipline Policy .pdf Troop 195 Discipline Policy  
Troop Positions of Responsibility.pdf Troop Positions  
Troop Program 1.pdf Troop Program Vol. 1 - used to plan troop meetings  
Troop Program Features Vol. 2.pdf Troop Program Vol. 2  
Troop Program Features Vol. 3.pdf Troop Program Vol. 3  
Troop Resource Survey.pdf Troop Resource Survey  
troop-meeting-plan.doc Troop Meeting Plan  
Would you approve my eagle project.docx